About Me

“You can only perceive that which you are the vibration of.”

If you are here, it is because you are ready for it, so hello and congratulations, beautiful Free Spirit!

My name is Francesca and I am the founder of Free Spirits Roam (F.S.R. for short).

I created F.S.R. after choosing to unapologetically follow my life path.

My life path number is five, which is all about freedom and breaking the patterns created by past generations that are no longer serving our highest good.

My name, Francesca, which literally means “the freeman”, serves as a double confirmation to the intuitive decisions I made in my life that have brought me to this moment here that I share with you.

I have found freedom after realizing that there is a master plan for every one of us.

Whether you call it God, Allah, the Universe, your Higher Self, or another deity; whether you consider yourself to be a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or of another religion; what remains unquestionable is the common belief in a higher spiritual presence and purpose for each of us.

That is faith.

Once I fully grasped that, I knew nothing is impossible.

Faith is where I found my peace and freedom, and that is where Free Spirits Roam was born.