Book Review: What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

I find Oprah Winfrey’s life to be the truest representation of a success story. Miraculous, really. From being the unwanted and hidden mistake of a maid to the first African American female billionaire, Oprah has been through a lot and came out on top.

She is an inspiration for me not only due to her resilience, character, and work ethic but more so due to her spirituality. She is attuned to her authentic power and constantly in search of her soul’s greatest mission, which is what I aspire towards. Her spiritual journey intrigues me and has made me curious to know more about her and absorb everything she has learned through decades of conversations, books, and soul searching.

As soon as I found out about her book What I Know For Sure, I downloaded it on my Kindle and hurriedly finished reading the book I was reading at the time, impatient to get to it.

What I Know For Sure is a collection of some of the convictions she drew from her life stories up until 2014 when the book was first published. She talks about everything she knows for sure through stories and topics ranging from food and travel to God. Although it is a short read, it concisely captures the essence of what Free Spirits Roam is all about. So much so, that I found myself bookmarking most pages or at least highlighting a phrase in every story.

If you really take the time to read and absorb all this knowledge, I have no doubt that it’ll save you from some painful experiences. This is why it is definitely a book that I will be reaching for again soon.

“What do I know for sure?”

The more I think about it, the more difficult this question gets.

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