Christian Going Through a Spiritual Awakening: 6 things I’ve learned

My Christian Background

As a born Christian in Eastern Europe, my views on religion were pretty skewed. I was taught that, in order to go to Heaven, you had to: go to church every Sunday, confess your sins to a priest, light a candle for the living and the dead, observe Lent before every holiday and say a prayer every night before bed. Also, the more money and material things you offer the church and its priests, the bigger your reward in Heaven so don’t be surprised when your priest looks at you differently if he thinks you have some more cash to spare. Although I am slightly misconstruing the extent of my religious knowledge and practices, I am presenting you with a general idea of what Christianity meant to me in my earlier days.

My Spiritual Awakening

As mentioned in a previous post, my spiritual awakening has opened me up to the spiritual side of life. It made me realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not human beings having a spiritual experience. It has introduced me to the fact that we are more powerful than we were made to believe and that we can achieve anything we want through tools such as the law of attraction, manifestation, and visualization. And of course, it has introduced me to crystals and their magical and healing properties, which is what birthed Free Spirits Roam.

The 6 Things I learned from going through a spiritual awakening as a Christian

Having experienced these two sides of spirituality, one more modern and less ritualistic than the other, my perspective on life and spirituality has shifted. Here is what going through a spiritual awakening taught me about Christianity and true spirituality:

1. It has taught me to be more present

While this is still a work in progress for me, I have learned how powerful it is to be in the now. Not thinking about the past, the future, or about anything else other than what you’re doing in the present, gives you space to really enjoy life as it is in the moment. It makes you worry less, remember more, create more meaningful memories, and generally do everything with more purpose and with intention. Overall, it has led me to be more mindful of everything I am doing.

2. It has taught me that God is not in a church but inside and all around us at all times

I have learned that I don’t have to be in a church to feel the presence of God and talk to Him. He is omnipresent and that includes Him being part of us and in our hearts. This led me to feel closer to Him and pray much more than I used to. Now I feel His presence anywhere I am, and I am reminded of it throughout the day.

3. It has taught me that getting into Heaven is not our only purpose here

I learned that our only goal in this life is not to do anything it takes to get into Heaven once we die, but it is also to learn and grow. We are here to go through challenges, learn lessons, and grow from them. We are here to share our knowledge and be of service to the world that helps us evolve through it all. We are here to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and all its beings. Inevitably, by doing all that, by being good towards all forms and aspects of life, there can only be Heaven waiting for us on the other side.

4. It has taught me what real faith is

I learned that faith is believing in a higher plan for every one of us. I learned that faith is about trusting God through all the ups and downs that life brings us because there is a purpose for it all. I learned to let go and let God work in my life because there are times when no human action could help me get through.

5. It has taught me gratitude

I learned to communicate with God and the most common topic I tend to talk about is my gratitude. My gratitude for the life I live, for everything and everyone I have in my life, for every meal, for every day, for every sunrise. By being more present, I recognize all the great things that are part of my life and I am so much more appreciative of it all.

6. It has taught me compassion towards our planet and all living beings, not just towards other people

I have always tended to have a vegetarian/plant-based diet and tried to minimize all forms of waste possible. Now I found that I do it not only out of instinct and preference but out of compassion and sense of duty to Earth. I now have a deeper understanding of how connected we are to everything around us, living, or non-living. I feel more connected to nature, to every animal and insect. I feel more deeply influenced by the sun, the moon, and every sunset.

Where I am now

About a year into my spiritual awakening, a chain of events led me back to Christianity. For some reason, its message resonated with me again, more than ever before. I have started reading the Bible, which I was not introduced to growing up. I am trying to understand its teachings and how they apply to our modern world and to my life. I have also started watching weekly services online to learn how others understand and interpret the word of God.

I can say that I am Christian but I wouldn’t have understood God’s heart if it wasn’t for my spiritual awakening opening me up to what spirituality is really about.

I hope my lessons resonate with you and give you a new perspective on this subject. If you have been through a similar journey, please share below what you have learned. I would love to learn from your experiences!

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