Definition of a Spiritual Awakening

"The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the Soul in another person." - Plato

There is not one comprehensive definition of what a spiritual awakening is. For each person it happens differently, at any given time or never at all in this lifetime. To me, a spiritual awakening is the awareness of the spiritual dimension of life. It is the realisation that we are not human beings having a human experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  It is the understanding that every single thing has its own vibrational frequency and our reality is simply a result of the frequency that we choose to attune to.  It is the idea that energy is never created nor destroyed, it only transforms.  It is the awareness that we are one, made of the same energy that created everything from nothing. To awaken is to realise that you are me and I am you

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