Guides in My Awakening: Aaron Doughty

Updated: May 31, 2020


This is what Aaron Doughty says at the start of every one of his videos. And he is right.

I do not remember how I came across Aaron’s channel a few months ago but I resonate with him a lot. Not only do I learn a lot from his content, but his energy also raises my vibration and puts me in a better mood every time.

On his channel, he talks about ways in which to raise your vibration, how to change your mindset in order to manifest what you want and various other spiritual concepts.

He also makes guided meditations to help you in your manifestation process.

Aaron is one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube as he has helped me awaken and continues to expand my consciousness by helping me become more aware of and change the patterns and beliefs that do not serve me.

If you are interested in expanding your consciousness, Aaron is the one you should watch!

Check out his content on YouTube at:

And on Instagram at:

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