Guides in My Awakening: Dr. Lauren Cielo

Dr. Lauren Cielo is a clairvoyant teacher and healer that I stumbled upon after subscribing to Gaia, the Netflix of spirituality. While browsing through the overwhelming selection of topics, the subject of soul contracts called my attention.

That is when I discovered Dr. Lauren. Her appearance on the show Beyond Belief (Season 2, Episode 1) has helped me clearly understand this concept, which greatly expanded my consciousness. Her character, mentality and way of communicating made me tune in to her wisdom instantly, as if she had awakened a deep knowing within me.

In that same episode, she has also taught me how to use a pendulum, which is the reason why they are now available here on Free Spirits Roam.

In just a couple of appearances, she has made a powerful impact on my awakening and I believe she would be a valuable source of inspiration in anyone’s journey. This is why I will definitely be sharing more of my learnings from Dr. Lauren with you in upcoming posts.

Dr. Lauren Cielo offers life readings and healings as well as clairvoyant training classes. If interested, visit her website at

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