Guides in My Awakening: Leeor Alexandra

Updated: May 31, 2020

There are certain people that instantly raise your vibration the second you see them. Leeor Alexandra is one of them for me.

Leeor is a beautiful soul that posts videos on YouTube about the Law of Attraction, spirituality and self-development.

Since I have found her a few months ago, I have grown a lot spiritually.

She has helped me learn about how to live each day in the present moment and use different manifestation techniques in order to attract anything I want into my reality.

Leeor has also helped me get rid of certain blockages that were holding me back from becoming my best version and introduced me to concepts such as shadow work, becoming a galactic being and quantum mechanics.

Anytime I find it difficult to see the bigger perspective of the issues popping up in my life, she is the one I look to in order to help change my mindset and realign myself with the universe on a mental and spiritual level.

If you are interested in learning more about how to manifest anything, Leeor is the one you should watch!

Check out her content on YouTube at:

And on Instagram at:

Leeor is also the founder and CEO of Alchemy by LA, which sells high vibrational jewellery.

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