My Most Accurate Tarot Readers

Updated: May 31, 2020

I have recently gotten very interested in tarot readings. It has become quite an obsession and I can honestly say that I have come across pretty much every tarot reader on YouTube in order to find the ones that can best read my energy.

If you do not know much about the world of tarot, there are basically two main types of readings that are freely available:

Tarotscope Readings: These are readings for each of the 12 astrological signs and they are usually done on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly basis.

Pick-a-card Readings: These are the readings in which you can choose the pile of cards that you feel attracted to the most out of the ones presented. These readings are based around certain questions that you want answered relating to topics such as love, career, predictions etc.

Here are some of my favourite readers on YouTube:

Tarotscope Readers:

  • Alchemy in You. She is able to read my energy perfectly every time. She picks up on many energies and her readings can be very long, which means that she will resonate with many others.

  • Deborah Clare Channeled Guidance. Deborah is able to channel Archangel Michael in order to receive and communicate messages to her viewers. I have been following her for the past couple of months and have resonated strongly with her readings.

  • ALI’s Tarot. Ali has amazing energy and I resonate with her readings a lot.

Pick-a-card Readers:

  • The Tarot Priest. She is the one that I resonate with the most as she is able to read my energy the best. My first private reading will definitely be from her. She mostly does pick-a-card readings.

  • Charmed Intuition Tarot. She is another talented reader that is able to read my energy so accurately. What makes her so unique on YouTube is that she also randomly draws and reads charms that perfectly describe and add to the cards.

  • Stargirl the Practical Witch. She is such an incredible human. She does pick-a-card readings, monthly zodiac predictions but she also has a lot more content related to spirituality. She is a great one to follow in your spiritual journey.

I find it incredible how accurate these readers have been for me. Although these messages can be general so that they apply to anyone watching the reading, there are many times when I feel like these readers are speaking directly to me. Without even knowing me, they are able to describe my situation and predict events perfectly.

To me, they are without question able to receive messages from a higher power for anyone that needs to hear them. And it is no coincidence that I have found them when I needed clarity.

Do you have any tarot readers that you resonate with? If you do, feel free to mention them in the comments down below. I would love to discover more. Thank you!

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