My Workout Program!

Hey everyone,

Today I thought I'd share with you my current workout program in case you are looking for one, just like I was a couple of weeks ago.

Chloe Ting

I have recently come across Chloe Ting, an Australian YouTuber, and fitness personality. Besides her 15 million followers, her success comes from the incredible results that people are getting doing her workouts. I have seen many of her before & after videos and decided to give it a try.

Her Free Home Workout Programs

On her website, she has many programs that you can pick from based on what you are trying to achieve with your workouts. Her programs range from 2 to 8 weeks and target everything from abs to booty to full body. What I love about her programs is that they are well organized by day, they include warm-up and cool-down videos, and the exercises that target different areas of your body are separated into short 10 to 25-minute videos that are all on YouTube.

Me after today's workout

My Workout Programs

The workout program that I started with was the 2020 2 Weeks Shred Challenge, targeting my abs and full body for weight loss. I have finished it about 3 days ago and I can tell you that it was intense! Before this, I was not really into following workout programs as I preferred doing my own thing and at my own pace but I'm glad I gave this a try because I am very happy with the results! While I wasn't looking for a quick weight loss miracle, I found that I did lose a significant amount of weight and my body looks more toned and hourglass-shaped than when I started, which was my goal.

Because I enjoyed my first program so much, I am now on Day 3 of two other programs of hers that I have started simultaneously: the 25 Days Abs & Booty Hourglass Challenge and the 25 Days Slim Thigh Challenge. The reason why I started both at the same time is that they are shorter in duration (10-50 minutes per day) and not as challenging as the 2 Weeks Shred Challenge that I got used to. I think they go really well together.

Overall, I really enjoy Chloe Ting's workouts. I love that they push me beyond my perceived limits and help me feel more powerful, both in mind and in my body. They also give me another reason to love and be proud of myself with every video I get through.

My rest days

Whenever there are rest days in the schedule, I still stay active by doing 108 sun salutations once a week. I love doing this because it still feels like a full-body workout but it is not as intense as a regular day in the program. It's also a form of meditation for me as I have to focus on being present in the moment and in my body, and try not to lose count at the same time.

What I wear when I work out

A quick note about what I wear to enhance the quality of my workouts.

While I work out (with the exception of the warm-up and cool-down videos) I wear a waist trainer. Although it is more rigid and not meant for workouts, mine is a little worn out and not as tight anymore, making it perfect for getting that extra sweat in.

I also wear the Hot Shapers Sweat Capri Pants. They help me sweat more in my target areas which are my thighs, abs, and love handles. I always feel like I get the most out of my workout when I wear them.

My diet

Of course, I have to mention that I haven't achieved my goal just with these programs. My diet plays a huge role in my results. I will talk about this more extensively in a future post but I am vegan and intermittent fasting with one meal a day (OMAD). This means that I fast for 22 hours and have one meal a day that is strictly plant-based. I don't eat any type of grain, any processed foods or sugar, with the exception of one teaspoon of honey or sugar and rice milk in my daily coffee or black tea (this will soon change as I start my Plant Paradox diet in a couple of days). This keeps me in a state of ketosis, helps my body repair and recover, increases my focus and productivity, and keeps me in a caloric deficit to help me lose unwanted weight.

I hope this information helps you in becoming an even better and more self-loved version of yourself.

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