Quick sweet tooth fix and a warm hug: Cinnamon milk

There are days when you know you've had enough (or too much) to eat but you still want something to top it off without feeling guilty about it. And there are nights when you can't bring yourself to brush your teeth and call it a day without having answered to that one last craving nudging you to pass by the kitchen.

For all those times, here is something I have to suppress my appetite without feeling guilty about it: warm cinnamon milk.

Here is the recipe:

What you need is:

1. 1 cup of milk (I only drink lactose-free milk, my favorite will always be rice milk)

2. Ground cinnamon (to taste)

3. Optional: sugar or honey, vanilla extract


1. Warm up the milk to your liking in a saucepan

2. While the milk is warming up, add cinnamon to taste and stir it in

3. Once the milk is warm enough, pour it into your favorite cup, and enjoy it

You could also add sugar or honey and vanilla extract if you wish but I find the two ingredients to be just right for my liking.

The Benefits

Although I made this instinctively, a quick Google search informed me that there are also benefits to having this drink:

1. It is a home remedy for insomnia

2. Cinnamon is an antioxidant that helps lower blood sugar levels and boosts brain function.

3. Cinnamon also boosts your metabolism

4. It can help fight infections as well as prevent and cure colds

Regardless of its health benefits, there is something so soothing and filling about having the warm milk infused with the exotic taste and smell of the cinnamon while I unwind at the end of the day, reading or watching something I enjoy.

I hope you try it too and feel just as comforted as I do.

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