The Infuriating Struggles Of Racial Inequality. Quotes From Michelle Obama's Becoming

As I started reading Michelle Obama's memoir Becoming, I realized early on that the issue of racial inequality was going to be prevalent throughout the whole book. While I was naturally aware that Michelle Obama being an African American woman was going to play a role in the book, I did not anticipate the magnitude of the struggles, impact, and effects that racial inequality has had on her life. Throughout the book, there was a constant and inevitable reminder of this issue underlying her stories and the course of her life.

This, for me, shed a brighter light on how deeply rooted this issue is and how it affects all people of color in the biggest and smallest ways, the most visible and most invisible ways. It has given me a deeper understanding of the situation and fueled my infuriation towards the injustice still too present today.

These few paragraphs that I share with you below were some of the ones that have impacted me the most.

These tore my heart. They angered me. They saddened me. They left me hopeless and hopeful.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be experiencing these issues based on the color of their skin, on simply a higher percentage of melanin.

It is absurd. It is unacceptable. It is gruesome.

When I think about this issue, I find myself being so disturbed that I can't articulate exactly what I'm feeling, the full range of my emotions. Really, I'm often just left speechless with a ravaging storm brewing in my head.

So I'll end this here.

I hope these few paragraphs spark the same feelings of rage in you too. I hope they drive you to do more to prevent this issue of racial inequality from reaching another child, another day, another generation.

Black Lives Matter

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