The Queen of Body Positivity: Amber Scholl

Here to introduce you to my absolute inspiration when it comes to body positivity and living my best life: YouTuber Amber Scholl!

With a quick look through her Instagram, Amber seems to fit right into the trend that we should be trying to discourage: slim-thick girls flaunting their naked bodies, shoes, sponsored posts, fillers, and exciting travels. We all know way too many.

But we should know by now that Instagram and most social media platforms show highlight reels: people giving edited glimpses into their lives, making it seem that the life they live is as perfect as you see it.

Despite her fabulous and jaw-dropping Instagram page, Amber is the truest representation I know of a regular girl truly and authentically making the most of any situation. She comes from humble beginnings but has managed to create the life that she always wanted and more. Amber is truly living her best life, she doesn’t just say it in a caption. She treats herself like a queen and that is the inspiration I believe every girl needs. With every video, she inspires me to make the most of any circumstance and reminds me that I am whoever I want to be.

“A bikini body is every body that you put in a bikini.”

– Amber Scholl

When it comes to her appearance, she shows her viewers that her body is not perfect because there is no perfect body, and she shares her tips and tricks on how she makes herself feel beautiful and worthy.

The video that I share with you below shows exactly how inspirational Amber is and the impact that she’s making on body positivity and self-love:


I hope this and all her other videos inspire you to start living the life that you have always dreamed of living and love yourself the way you have always wanted to be loved.

Please share this with any girl that needs some Amber Scholl magic in her life.

P.S. To Amber Scholl, thank you for showing me that living my princess dreams is never out of reach.

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