Tony Gaskins: A lighthouse for relationships

Tony Gaskins. Author, motivational speaker, life coach, husband, and father.

Ever since I discovered his channel on YouTube a couple of months ago, I have been watching his videos on a daily basis. There has not been one video that has not taught me something valuable about self-love, self-worth, dating, relationships, marriage, God and so much more.

His daily videos are typically almost an hour long, which makes them difficult to summarize and deliver in a blog post, as I have discovered after a few failed attempts. The reason for it is because he has a gift for speaking and articulating his thoughts through examples, expressions, and situations that cannot be put into bullet points without losing some of their "specialness". He seems to enter a flow state from which he manages to enlighten his viewers regarding topics that we all struggle with at some point throughout our lives. Although his videos mostly address people aged 25 and over, I still benefit from the knowledge he imparts, as a woman in her early 20's.

I will try my best to bring you some of the knowledge I gain from him but I strongly suggest that you watch his videos. He is so authentic and full of wisdom that no matter what video you choose to watch, you're guaranteed to gain from it and drawn to watch some more. I have never clicked out of a video of his.

Find the link to his YouTube channel here.

“In every woman, there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer.”

- Norwegian Proverb

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