Californian White Sage

Californian White Sage


The Californian White Sage is a sacred plant used for cleansing, purifying and protecting the energies around you. It can be used to renew the energies of your crystals and aura as well as your home. Sage also leaves a calming, long-lasting scent wherever it is placed.

  • How to use

    Open your doors and windows during the process in order to allow the unwanted energies to escape your space.

    If used to purify the energies of your crystals, simply allow the smoke to engulf them while visualizing the cleansing.

    If used to cleanse your energetic fields, start at the head by tracing the outline of your body all the way down to your feet. Visualize the negative energies leaving your aura and being absorbed into the ground to be renewed.

    If used to cleanse the energies in your house, start at your door and walk clockwise, allowing the smoke to flow freely through your space.

    After using it, place the sage on a fireproof surface and let it die out on its own.

    Keep your doors and windows open for another 5 to 10 minutes after using the sage to ensure that all negative energies have left.

  • Francesca's Note

    The Californian White Sage has been used by Native Americans for its properties for centuries. It is my favourite energy cleansing tool and its scent instantly calms and renews my energy. I use it to cleanse my space, crystals and aura weekly.