The Malachite is the stone of transformation. It works to clear and cleanse your chakras. It is a particularly powerful heart chakra that helps you open up your heart to all kinds of love.

This crystal also brings light to what is blocking your spiritual growth and teaches you how to take responsibility for your actions. It develops empathy for others and supports friendships.

Malachite is also an important protection stone as it easily absorbs any negative energies and electromagnetic pollutants. If you are exposed to natural or nuclear radiations, you should keep this crystal with you at all times.

In essence, if you are looking for a heart chakra crystal, the Malachite is the one for you.

  • How to cleanse

    The Malachite should be cleansed more often than most other crystals due to its power to absorb negativity and pollutants.

    My best recommendation for cleansing your crystals is to do so with smoke. This could be from sage, Palo Santo wood or incense sticks. Allow the smoke to engulf your crystal and visualize its energy being renewed. After cleansing it, set your intention for your crystal by holding it in your hands and speaking your affirmation into it, specifically relating to all types of love.

    Suggested Intention for Malachite: “My heart is open to all types of love.”

  • Francesca's Note

    It is said that the Malachite will be one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium.

    This stone was the crystal that called me for weeks before I got it. After I first discovered this stone through Dr. Lauren Cielo (a clairvoyant healer who appeared on a Beyond Belief episode on Gaia TV), I immediately resonated with it. Throughout the following weeks, I even kept randomly seeing it on my Instagram feed. It goes without saying that it was the next crystal I got when I had the chance to visit my local crystal store. A couple of days after I got it, sure enough its power showed itself to me: family members that do not normally express their love verbally very often, all of a sudden started telling me they love me at the end of our conversations.