Also known as fool’s gold, Pyrite is the best crystal for wealth. It stimulates the flow of ideas and helps in planning large business concepts. It also helps to overcome feelings of inadequacy and boosts self-worth. It is helpful for men and women who feel inferior.

Pyrite is also an excellent energy shield, blocking out negative energies.

In essence, if you are looking for financial prosperity and a boost of self-worth, Pyrite is the right stone for you.

  • How to cleanse

    The Pyrite, like most crystals, should be cleansed periodically.

    My best recommendation for cleansing your crystals is to do so with smoke. This could be from sage, Palo Santo wood or incense sticks. Allow the smoke to engulf your crystal and visualize its energy being renewed. After cleansing it, set your intention for your crystal by holding it in your hands and speaking your affirmation into it, specifically relating to financial wealth.  

  • Francesca's Note

    As soon as I touched my Pyrite crystal, I knew I needed it. The day after I got it, I made my first sale on Free Spirits Roam.

    Tip: Keep your Pyrite in the wealth corner of your room, which is the farthest left corner from the door.