Surprise Power Challenge

Surprise Power Challenge


The Surprise Power Challenge is for anyone that is not yet convinced of the power that crystals hold as well as for anyone that is up to a challenge.

This challenge consists of us sending you one crystal that is not common so as to be difficult to recognize. If you are up to it, it is important that you do not try to guess or look it up to see its properties. Take notice of any changes that are happening around you energetically and/or physically for a month from when you receive it. After 30 days of you having the crystal, we will send you the name and properties of the crystal by email. If you look back at your month, you will realize that your crystal had an effect on some of the changes that have occured.


  • Francesca's Note

    Please feel free to share your experience with us via email at, the F.S.R. Community pages or on Instagram by using the hashtag #FSRcrystalchallenge.

  • Crystal Description

    The crystal we will be sending you is of pocket size like all of the other crystals we offer. It can easily fit in your pocket so you can carry it with you wherever you go.